Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lazy day

I have not felt good at all today, got up with a headache, could not face going in to work as I had suffered through a cold day at my desk with a headache the day before. I lay on the couch under the baby most of the afternoon. I feel much better now. I have to, lots to do this weekend, gingerbread and cookies to make by Friday. I found a wonderfully easy and yummy cookie recipe on someone's blog, can't remember which one. She dipped oreo cookies in almond bark and then sprinkled them with something. I made some last weekend for a potluck with a few changes, same cookies, but used white choc chips instead of the almond bark. I don't like almond bark!!! The white chocolate chips melted very well in the microwave, I melt them 30 seconds at a time, beating after each 30 seconds, then when the choc was melty smooth I dipped half of each cookie in the melted chocolate, then put them on waxed paper to cool. I sprinkled the white chocolate part with red and green sugar. They were unbelievably good. Will post a picture when after next batch is made, Thursday night. I have to wait until the last minute or DH and kids and I will eat too many of them.

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Myra said...

Sounds good! I look forward to seeing a photo... 8-)