Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday night sew in did not happen

Was it December 10 yesterday? I had also signed up for church last night, I was frosting cookies with 100 or so little kids at our annual Alpine Village. One at a time of course. They say 400 kids were registered to attend, I was one of 5 volunteers in the Gingerbread House. I only ate one cookie! I'm so proud of that! My son was an elf checking tickets at the door. The sewing got delayed until today. So I will be posting later! I have 3 mug rugs to finish. Then back to church for another night of volunteering, the candy cane shop this time. It is so much fun! Happy Holidays everybody!

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Myra said...

Volunteering at church with children kind of brings Christmas together doesn't it!! Good for you! 8-)