Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still no sewing going on around here

Yesterday I tried to do a little, and my machine started doing that locking up thing.  I had just settled down with a new spool of thread and a Sean Connery movie on the TV, and every 3rd stitch the machine locks up.  It was time for a servicing, so I took out the bobbin, took off the throat plate, dropped the feed dogs and went to work.  As much thread and dust as was in that machine, it's a wonder the thing was working at all.  I took a tweezers and extracted all the thread I could see, blew out the fluff, put everything back in place, still locking up.  I began to wonder if I would have to be like all those other people who don't sew at all.  What in the world would I do? I went to bed and started back to work on the machine this morning when I got up, re-threaded six or eight times, played with the tension and it is working fine now.  Whew!

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