Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Machine sewing vs hand sewing

Rochelle mentioned the other day that she only hand sews and doesn't use a machine. I started out learning how to sew by hand, then progressed to using an ancient singer that once belonged to one of my sisters. I bought my own machine years ago. I purchased a Pfaff from The Fabric Source in Jackson, Tennessee, back around 1992, I'm not sure of the year. I was in college at the time and needed a machine to do piece work and make extra money. It was the best investment I've ever made. The store is still there, and I still go back occasionally for muslin and batting, and to see what is on sale. The store started out with just upholstery and some twill remnants, over the years adding sewing machines and sergers, French hand sewing supplies and classes. I learned how to smock, make French seams, quilt and insert lace there. It's a pretty neat place that I love to go back to when I pass through Jackson.

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Rochelle Buckley said...

I too have learnt to sew much of these things by hand. I do all of my hems by hand and lace inserts, smocking etc. I was thinking today, maybe I enjoy the hand sewing because I have been hand embroidering for over 15 years. I just feel I have more control and for me - more accuracy :-)
Oh and I don't own a sewing machine either.