Thursday, January 6, 2011

Block Swap Adventure

I'm so glad I signed up for this swap. From looking for new colors, to getting a new friend it has been fun fun fun. Rochelle, my first swap partner, has really exciting tastes in colors. I think she likes purple a little bit. I do too! I have lots of purple fat quarters I bought for a mystery quilt that I decided not to do, so those came in handy. She also likes aqua and green, I did not have any aqua in my stash, but I do now. And it looks great with purple! Who knew. I've been really hesitant about putting colors together, and she has really helped me gain confidence with that. Thanks Rochelle!

Exploring her blog gave me an idea of what I wanted to create for her, and it's something I would like for myself also, it is finished and ready to mail tomorrow. After I finished her block, she posted a list on her blog of blocks she would like to have. I looked through the list to see if what I had chosen was listed, it wasn't but the one I selected is very similar to one of them. I hope she is pleasantly surprised.

If you have not visited her blog, you should. She is a very gifted artist, and does the most amazing embroidery.

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