Wednesday, August 25, 2010

triple rail fence fabrics

I had not planned on buying fabric last Friday. I was at work, brought my lunch, the weather forecast was 103 or so degrees, heat index much higher than that, so I was planning to stay in. It was just as hot or hotter as predicted by 11:30, wouldn't you know it the fire alarm went off in my building. We all went outside, thinking it was a drill and we would soon be back in. We waited. And waited. The fire truck showed up, like it normally does for a drill. Inspectors went in, but nobody waved us in after checking the building. Rumors started to flow that there was an actual fire, maybe from something warmed up in a microwave that shouldn't have been. You should have seen us all out there a 100 or so people, some of us, me included huddled in the shade of one scrawny tree. Eventually other people joined us, some had left for lunch before the alarm went off and were returning to find the building closed. After a while my boss came around and told us to find a cool place and come back in an hour or so. Where do you think I went? to the fabric store of course! Here's what I picked out for the triple rail fence. I just love these colors. Next step will be to do the mock-up to see how the strips play together.

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Kirsten said...

Pretty color combo. I'm looking forward to seeing how you put this together!

Cheers, K