Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rail Fence Quilt

Not much sewing time since last week. We took a short vacation, then it was time to get caught up on laundry and get school registration out of the way. Tonight I readied my stacks of squares next to my trusty Pfaff, and sewed together all my first and second blocks all the way down. then it was time to starch and move on to the third row. I really love how this miniquilt is turning out. When I started sewing quilts two years ago, I thought I could just throw the pieces together and square them up at the end and have a decent looking quilt. Boy, was I wrong. The measuring, the starching, the pressing as you go, it all makes such a big difference.


Kirsten said...

I like your color combination and I totally agree - the pressing and starching makes a tremendous difference. I laid my "wonderland" quilt out last night - though it is more a floral wonderland than a winter wonderland.

Cheers, K

orchidlover said...

Like how it's looking

Love and hugs Gina xxx