Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snowman pillow update

Things did come together, and two pillows were finished just in time.  Here is one.

the nubby fabric is called Minky! Thanks to SewGreen at for letting me know the name. It was probably printed on the end of the bolt it was cut from, but I was too excited to look.    I have 2 more to make, for an after Christmas get-together. 
I also made drink sleeves for my BFF Nancy. She was thrilled and wants more, some larger for soda glasses.  They were fun and quick to make. 

Here's another view.  They take very little fabric, just a few inches really. I have lots of scraps that will come in handy for this.

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Sewgreen said...

I am glad I could help :) I don't know if it's printed on the bolt, because I think Minky might be the brand name, and Jo-Ann's might have an off-brand.