Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm calling this quilt "Shortstop."  When I asked my nephew if he was expecting a boy or a girl, he said shortstop.  I believe he means boy, because he also specified no pink should be in the quilt.  It is really coming together, though now that the pattern is emerging I can see a do over in the upper left hand corner.  I did lay it out first before sewing together, and still made a mistake, very first seam, oh well.  At least it is fixable.


Charlene S said...

It is looking nice!

Stray Stitches said...

Looks wonderful. I started a new quilt yesterday and did just like you - the first three seams had to be ripped out - lol!

Karen K said...

Really cute!! Love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Still trying to get going on my blog and love looking at everyone else's. You asked about my pattern for the pillowcases .... I used the one with enclosed seams. So easy and really nice looking. I love them. Have been well received by everyone and really appreciated. Have actually been the most appreciated gifts I have given, EVER. Could not have imagined that! You just never know!!! (sorry for the long post here!!!) Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!