Saturday, April 9, 2011

Interlocking circles

More prep work for Friday night sew in.  This quilt is complicated, and I can't put my mind on autopilot and just do it, takes a lot of thought.  Here is the sample from Harriet's book.

It's small, which is a good thing, will be fairly quick, and perfect size for a baby quilt. I am blaming the manufacturer of the line of fabric I'm using for making it even more complicated, as there is a stripe.  Harriet and CArrie's book said to make the 9 patches first, but I started with cutting out the plain blocks first, then placing the the other strips and around them, and then cutting out the 9 patches last to prevent any do-overs, I hate do-overs.  Takes all the fun out of quilting for me.  The 9 patch is not a typical one, it uses 3 different strip sets instead of two.  When it all comes together, it makes the interlocking circle effect.  It's a great quilt, one I will probably make again

here's the layout of the blocks without the 9 patches.

here are two of the strip sets that go into making the 9 patches,  That's enough quilting and blogging for now, time to go jogging with my son, I hear DH and DD waking up. 


Mary Ann & Mother said...

Nice work! Thank you for sharing :-)

Charlene S said...

It is looking good.

~Niki~ said...

good for you, getting a jump start!
me, i'll probably wait til 5 pm friday LOL