Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lesson 120

I am so glad I purchased this book! The instructions and illustrations are very specific and make perfect sense put into practice. I need lots of practice, already my measuring skills are improving. It was frustrating to me, measuring and cutting and things not turning out exactly right. My results aren't perfect yet, but I am getting better. The book clears up a lot of things for me.

This first lesson was strip piecing one rail fence block, which sounds simple, but is the perfect way to tell if you are going wrong, easy to measure and tell if something is "not right" just by looking before you even get the ruler back out. The next lesson will be more strip piecing but a bigger sample. If I were to grade myself on this one, I would give myself a B minus. B because the colors look good, the strip blocks are all the same size, and finished size is exact, but minus because my corners don't quite fit together, and my seam allowances are wobbly. I have a good seam guide and can follow it, but I get distracted or nervous or something and they aren't as straight as they should be.

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orchidlover said...

It looks great

Love and hugs Gina xxx