Sunday, June 27, 2010

quilters academy

In an effort to improve my process I've ordered a copy of the Quilter's Academy Vol 1 by Harriet Hargrave. I met someone who happens to work in the same building I do through my guild, who actually met this author and has a signed copy of the book. She (my co-worker) proposed the idea of meeting together and working through this book. I am so impressed with her! Not only her quilting interest but her leadership qualities as well. Two other ladies in my guild have joined our little group, and maybe others will join us as time goes by. I have ordered my book, and can't wait to read it. Since I am mostly self taught, and learned things on an as needed basis, I have missed a lot of basic knowledge that so many quilters I meet seem to already possess. It will be a welcome change to work on the same project with others at the same time instead of just muddling along by myself. I will post here as I learn new things, so stay tuned!

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