Saturday, June 5, 2010

Half-square triangles

Someone who sews much better than I do responded to a complaint I made recently. What I was complaining about was the tediousness of cutting out lots of triangles and sewing them back together. She pointed out there were lots of ways to make the process faster. I found several ways, the pre-printed ones, the easy rulers, the chain piecing. I have a bunch of them left over from a batch of signature squares that I made for a friend. THen I saw a pattern that showed how to cut an X out of a square to get four triangles, why not sew two squares together first and then cut the X? Is there a reason for not doing them this way? Here's what I mean.

First I put two 6.5 squares right sides together and sewed all around with a quarter inch seam., then cut the X and pressed open my four 4 inch triangle squares.
This was fun to do, now I have to get back to my hand quilting. Happy Sewing!


Myra said...

Good method to try out! thanks! 8-)

Karen said...

I'm not sure about this method I think it has to do with the grain of the fabric. I read recently on another blog which I can't remember now about a system where you purchase (I think) designs on freezer paper then put this onto your fabric and then put them through your printer. I'll have to have a look and see if I can find this site again. If I find it I will let you know.