Thursday, September 17, 2009

I did get some sewing done last night!

I almost completed 3 whole blocks! My son helpded too. I had 4 patches to sew up, and he wanted to help, so I showed him how to sew them together. He liked that so much he's decided he wants to make his own quilt. He's 7 and will need lots of help. That will be fun to work on together, I like 4 patches too. They are so quick and easy to put together. I have been saving his little shirts to cut apart and make a quilt from, so that can go on my project list:

  • Emma's pink and brown quilt: 3 blocks down, 22 to go
  • 5 blocks for Christmas swap due Oct 31
  • Wedding block for swap friend due Feb 2010
  • AJ's four-patch quilt (whenever)

Nothing like putting your goals down in black and white for motivation.

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