Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm so thankful for:


my son and daughter, husband, MIL, all worked on today's meal. I did not burn it! I was so dreading cooking this year.  I worked right up until the holiday.  My MIL did the shopping and I cooked a turkey breast this time.  Last year I cooked the turkey upside down, it was awful, whole thing tasted like dark meat.  Year before that I don't know what I did wrong, it was like a horror movie.  Turkey looked beautiful but was tough like rubber.  Never have I had a piece of meat with that tough unslice-able texture.  I never cooked the traditional meal, my mom insisted on doing everything, so her recipes died with her.  I really enjoy going out on my own and trying different things, so our meal is not the traditional one you see on TV except for the green bean casserole, bird and dressing.  We have egg allergies in our house, nut allergies too, so no pecan pie or egg based custards like sweet potato pie or pumpkin either.  I made a vegan carrot cake with apple caramel frosting, and my MIL made baked apples.  It was delicious, I am so stuffed. My son (who will be 11 next Tuesday) has taken an interest in cooking this year, but is still a chickennuggetarian.  He had organic chicken nuggets he bakes himself, and jelly filled yeast rolls.  Yum yum.  Afterward we took a nature walk in our neighborhood park, the colors are so beautiful, I keep thinking what a beautiful quilt that would make, all that gold and green.  I hope, whatever your circumstances, you find something to be thankful for today!

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Anthea said...

Ha I love the sound of your sons dietary philosophy! Surely he will have to have a taste of yum turkey!
Best wishes for a very enjoyable Thanksgiving to you & your family