Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Small projects

Emma and I have been playing with dolls lately.  She got a Barbie house for Christmas and is really getting into it now.  She didn't like dolls at first, preferring her brother's cars instead.  Now she's discovered role playing and makes up stories and sings little songs.  Every night we put the dolls to bed.  Emma's Barbie house needed some things.  Like quilts!  Emma picked two orphan blocks, soft flannels, to make a quilt for Barbie's bed.  Ken got one too.

She had chairs that just cried out for leopard print cushions, here's one.

She has two chairs actually.

I just finished an outfit for Emma out of Dora fabric.  Maybe tomorrow she will let me take a pic of her in it.  It is a two piece, shirt and twirly skirt.  After she tried the skirt on she threw her arms around me and cried, "Thank you Mom!" Priceless.  My son has been sick for over a week, five days of fever, then a nasty cough, the sewing was like balm to my soul. 




Charlene S said...

That kind of "Thank You " is priceless. Hope son gets better soon!

Anthea said...

Such careful stitching for the Barbies, I hope they don't have a House Party & ruin it! How priceless is that sort of gratitude from littlies?!

Karen said...

So cute, how fun to play Barbies again!