Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My pink and brown blocks arrived on Friday!

I joined a pink and brown block swap--my first swap! I received the beautiful blocks you see here last Friday. They are going into two baby quilts, one for my baby girl, who was born in February, and one for my sister's baby girl who was born in March. I am so glad I participated in this swap. Every minute I spent on this swap, from choosing the fabrics to completing and sending my blocks to receiving the package in the mail has been so precious to me. I have journaled every step, so someday our girls will know what love and care went into each stitch!

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QuiltingB29 said...

I recognize two of those blocks! Well, more than two, because I got some of the same ones back as you. Looks like two of mine made home to to you. I love the idea of using these to make coordinating quilts for your daughter and niece. They'll be cherished for sure!